A Craft beer brewery based in Hexham, Northumberland

Down a small alley on Battle Hill in Hexham, the strong smell of hops and malt quickly becomes apparent.

It is here, amongst the various metal cylindrical tanks, where the home of Grounding Angels Brewing Company lies.

Head brewer, Jamie Robson, has used his family’s experience of owning global drinks brand Fentimans, and the dab-handed help of friend Jamie Hawkes to help navigate his future career.

He said: “Ever since a young age I always wanted to brew beer.

“I later went on to a brewery course to learn the basics and it just progressed from there.”

After growing up in Riding Mill, he always knew the Tyne Valley had the potential to house his growing business.

“For the past two or three years I have been searching for a place to set up the brewery. I’m happy to have finally found a place I can work in to my full potential.”

Starting your own brewery involves perhaps the best homework task one could ask for.

An open mind and stellar taste buds are required, Jamie said, as he’s constantly tasting and understanding new flavours, and how they could be implemented into a drinkable final product.

“When making new beers, I’m always thinking how I can break the market by providing something new and unique,” he said.

In September, his first brew, Lazy Rider, which delivers tropical notes of mango, tangerine and apricot juice, was given its first pour at the Free Trade Inn pub in the fast becoming beer hub of the North – Ouseburn in Newcastle.

Since then, the brewery has come on leaps and bounds. The Lazy Rider brew is now packaged up into thousands of cans in a storage room next door, ready to be distributed to buyers.

Other beers such as Snazzbery Juice, Mr Stouty Pants and Black IPA – recently entered into the Newcastle Beer Festival – are also among the beers on offer.

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